Best Cordless Hammer Drill – Reviews

Read on to the very end of this article if you want to know more about cordless hammer drills. We have put together a nice review article of the best cordless hammer drills in stores today.

Our team of experts has assembled some pro-level power hammer drills and compared all the useful features that make for a great product in a buyer’s guide section. The hammer drills reviewed in this article are better suited for those on construction and job site and in need of an efficient cordless drill with a hammer action feature.

You will do well to look through our buying guide section below to compare power ratings, speed, torque output, ergonomics, performance, and much more. Do have a look at the prices of each cordless drill to determine the one that best suits your budget.

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Top Choice:CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Hammer Drill

Our top choice is the V20 Cordless Hammer drill because it excels in performance and has great features that make for a good hammer drill.

First and foremost, CRAFTSMAN is a well-respected brand and household name so we expect that products from them should at least meet up to international standards. The V20 model is no exception to the long history of quality power drills from this manufacturer.

It puts out about 400 units of torque power making it an ideal candidate for many woodworking and concrete drilling processes.

Best Cordless Hammer Drill Reviews

1. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Hammer Drill

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Craftsman is a household name in the US and a brand from the Black & Decker company. Known for its dedication to crafting the most rugged power tools, this model is at the apex of our best cordless hammer drills. The design sports pro-level craftsmanship that allows users to get the most out of the equipment.

It has a unique handle design similar to what you find in a nice DeWalt power tool. Owners will find the curvature of the handle very comfortable to use. However, in terms of the handle design, the only feature that seems missing is an auxiliary function that might be needed at low speeds.

The Craftsman V20 drill weighs just 5.42 pounds with a 2.0 Ah battery pack included. This weight is a little bit reasonable when you consider the fact that most Pro and Prosumer models weigh in much more.

This model has a 2100 RPM no-load speed with a blow rate of 35,700. This drilling spec is most ideal for many woodworking and metal applications because it puts out 400 units of torque power.

  • It has pro-level hammer drill design
  • Unique pro-level speed capable of handling many operations
  • Lightweight but rugged design
  • A top value rating system
  • Low torque output

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2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill

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Dewalt is also a very good brand that delivers top-notch hammer drills for most do-it-yourself projects. The MAX XR DC996 hammer drill is one of a kind with multiple functionalities. It’s most unique function is as a hammer drill for all drilling tasks and screw driving procedures.

This model is pretty convenient, especially when it comes to precession drilling jobs. To set up the hammer drilling feature, all that is required is for users to switch on the torque adjustment collar and all is set. You will find the switch at the back of the drill beside the symbol bearing the hammer drill image.

In terms of the power output, this model delivers just as advertised. It has a high power-rating feature of 820 watts unlike cheaper brands from the same line with lesser power output. The high watt rating is a clear indication of the kind of output power to expect.

The 3-speed setting feature allows users to tackle a wide range of applications with speed levels beginning from 0-450 to 0-2000(highest speed option). Operating in reverse rotation, this model also includes a variable speed reversible feature.

  • Brushless motor for efficient operations
  • Incorporated with a unique 3-speed motor design
  • High-quality ½ inch ratcheting for better grip
  • Automatic shutoff and 3-mode LED display
  • A long 3-year limited warranty
  • The model doesn’t come with a charger

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3. Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 in. Hammer Drill

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The Milwaukee M18 power cord hammer drill was introduced in 2018 and this is a Gen 3 version of this equipment. This model boasts a brushless motor with important features coupled with top performance to present users with a piece of equipment to fit most DIY projects.

The torque of this Gen 3 Milwaukee model has a torque power of 1,200 in a reasonably sized body (6.9 inches in length). The size makes it one of the most compact hammer drills in stores today that is capable of delivering a stunning torque power.

To save space and maximize thermal capacity, Milwaukee makes use of a REDLINK PLUS intelligent feature to streamline communication between motor, tool, and battery systems. This allows the drill and impact mechanism to deliver raw power in a compact design.

However, despite the positives, the new Gen 3 model doesn’t come fitted with the separate mode collar that is a prominent feature of Gen 2 & 1 models. Maybe the separate mode collar was sacrificed to achieve a much more compact design.

  • High 1,200 in-lbs torque
  • Brushless motor design feature
  • Redlink plus management system
  • Side handle in a compact design
  • Max speed of 2000 revolutions per minute
  • A little heavy despite its compact design
  • Accessories are sold separately

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4. Makita XPH07Z Hammer Driver-Drill

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Having a quality hammer drill is a must for those who work on concrete and other steel surfaces. The hammer settings of a drill allow users to work their way a bit further into these hard surfaces. Makita XPH07Z is one such model that gives owners a hammer drill system for all drilling needs.

The model offers a cordless hammer drilling system that is battery powered and constructed by a famous brand “Makita”. XPH07z cordless hammer drill sports a 1,090 in-lbs torque power in about 2,100 rpm of speed which is a really remarkable upgrade from previous models.

The brushless motor is electronically controlled for optimal battery performance which allows longer-run times per charge than most competitors of the comparable price range. Durability and ease of use are also one of the features our expert thing potential users will be interested in. The handle design gives the hammer drill ergonomic feels while Makita’s patented XPT technology takes things to another level.

Other notable features include a variable speed transmission system in 2 gears, a computerized control system that prevents overheating and an all-mental self-ratcheting chuck.

  • Inbuilt powerful brushless motor
  • Durable XPT construction technology
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Uniquely designed all-metal chuck
  • A little heavy to use
  • Side-handle may be cumbersome for some users

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5. Bosch HDH183B Hammer Drill

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Bosch HDH183B is a cordless hammer drill that was crafted to bole holes through concrete. This model has a length list of feature that makes it earn a prim place in our list of best hammer drills. The engineering crew behind this drill put in a lot to present users with a quality hammer drill to make light work of most hard jobs.

Power tool users are aware of the fact that making holes in steel and concrete walls requires a lot of torque and Bosch HDH183B hammer drill is at the apex of providing the right torque power for drilling needs.

With a high torque power comes a reasonable amount of risk. This model features a kickback system that reduces the risk of damage.

The kickback feature makes use of an integrated acceleration system to stop drilling during harmful conditions facilitated by overload. Owners can quickly identify overload conditions by the beeping of an LED lighting system.

Bosch HDH183B has a brushless motor system that allows the tool to emit plenty of torque power. Brushless motors are advantageous in increasing runtimes of battery propelled cordless devices. They are virtually maintenance-free and helps to double the life span of the drill.

  • Has an EC brushless driver system
  • High torque power output
  • Kickback safety control system
  • Good impact to weight ratio system
  • Compact design features
  • Handles may be cumbersome

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Key Points You Need to Know Before Buying a Cordless Drill

The Hammer Action of a Cordless Drill

One of the main features of a cordless hammer drill lies in its ability to bore holes into stone as well as almost any other kind of surfaces. They do this with the help of hammer action. The hammer action operates with a spring built into the intricate parts of the cordless drill. While the drill is rotating the springs push forward the chuck as well as the drill bit into the surface.

This spring push produces a forward and backward jerk reaction of the drill in an equivalent action similar to that of a traditional hammer. The force of the rotating drill plus the hammer action of the spring allows the tool to efficiently bore holes into concrete and masonry materials.

While the hammer action is in play, the drill bit pushes and spins around into the material in a very fast motion. While the drill bit doesn’t move much, it’s short but fast motion allows it to deliver tough blows to any material surface thereby drilling in quick.

Cordless Feature of a Hammer Drill

Because of the enhancement in battery-cell technology, the cordless drill system is gaining much popularity among manufacturers. Modernized battery cells are now able to store more energy than their previous models allowing for more runtime and shorter charging times.

People are now more prone to opt for a cordless hammer drill than the corded counterpart partly because of improved battery technology. Another advantage of cordless hammer drills is that they are very flexible and aren’t limited by distance, unlike corded drills that need to be close to electric circuits.

For the purpose of convenience, it’s better to take the tool to where the work is rather than cumbersomely take the work to where the tool is stationed.

Versatile Function

The versatility of a cordless hammer drill to a variety of tasks them a most suitable choice to corded drills. Cordless hammer drills can drill ½ inch holes in numerous surfaces – so workers or owners need not look for other drills for boring holes in sites. However, for safety reasons, users need to be aware of a number of use-case factors before they can operate it effectively.

The chuck of the hammer drills gets to be pushed forth and back to produce the hammer drilling action. The addition of a hammer action feature to cordless drills increases the weight of the tool and may not be the most desirable for users. However, it’s still a very useful power feature to be on the lookout for.

Cordless hammer drill Vs the Cordless Pneumatic Drill

Pneumatic cordless hammer drills are different from cordless hammer drills is their action. They are needed when a really large force is required to bore large holes in very hard surfaces. Rather than using a spring-like a traditional hammer drill, the pneumatic cordless hammer drill makes use of a mechanical piston to force its way through hard surfaces.

Modern pneumatic cordless drills range from 18 V to 24V and some can go all the way to 36V to provide the strongest drill power.

How to Rate a Cordless Hammer Drill

With numerous cordless hammer drill moderns in the market, how do you rate each model to judge which one is suitable for your specific needs? One criterion people often use is to analyze the torque power produced by the drill.

While some people force on the torque power, others are rather bothered with the battery power for longer runtime or for some other reasons best known to them. Performance rating is also a rating factor to consider and can be determined when the power tool is subjected to tough jobs like hole drills.

The ergonomic features of a hammer drill are also a feature that people use as a rating system. The design and grip of the drill is an important factor to consider before making that purchasing decision.

Can I use a Cordless Hammer Drill for Screws?

Cordless hammer drills make use of a hammer settings/action that isn’t suitable for drilling screws. If you need to drill in screws for any reason, make use of a dedicated impact driver. Impact divers work by giving an impact boost to the rotational boost of the screw.

Brushless Vs Brush Motors

We are of the opinion that brushless motors are one of the best things to happen to the home tool market within the last few years. The technology has greatly improved the durability and functionality of power tools that it’s quite difficult to underestimate the importance. If you are faced with choosing between a power tool that uses brushes and one that uses a brushless motor, we’d advise that you go all out for the latter.

Brushes were the most common cause of problems with previous models. They were constructed to move around the central core at high speeds and were very prone to wear and tear. Because of this, they needed to be periodically replaced if owners wanted their power tools to work well. In fact, the more you use a tool that makes use of a motor with a brush the more frequently you had to change them.

The lifespan of a brushed motor can be negatively impacted by dirt. So the motor compartment was a very delicate part of a tool that needed protection from dirt and debris. Brushless motors, on the other hand, have the ability to hold up against dirt, germs, and dust. They aren’t only better from the perspective of maintenance but are more efficient than brushed motors.

The higher efficiency means they use less power thereby prolonging the lifespan of the battery and offers less friction when in use. Add that to the fact that they ate generally lighter and you will understand why many manufacturers are phasing out brush motor systems. With a brushless motor, power tools last longer, are more efficient and the battery power lasts longer.

What about the price? There is no significant difference in the price of a tool that uses a brushless motor so there isn’t any reasonable rationale for opting for a brush motor system.

What we look for in a Cordless Hammer Drill

Without a thread of doubt, the cordless hammer drill is a staple accessory needed by many construction workers or tradesperson. They are capable of handling a wide verity of tasks and jobs to the extent that their place in construction work is invaluable. The best use of a cordless hammer drill is for:

  • Woodworking – for drilling in woods with twist bits, hole saws, etc.
  • Boring holes into concrete blocks and surfaces
  • Sinking in stubborn construction screws that aren’t made for impact drills.
  • Laying of composite decking

Since the introduction of hammer drills in the market, they have taken construction projects by storm and have found use in many drilling projects. They have succeeded in bridging the gap between those who need them for small drilling tasks on concretes to other masonry projects. However, despite the wide uses of a hammer drill, it is still not good for drilling on bricks and blocks that are over 3/8 inch in diameter. If you must drill in the material of that level of thickness you will be better off with a rotary hammer.

Wood Drillings

Our experts test most hammer drills for their speed on wood drilling operations. We test these drills based on their ability to produce fast results in as little time as possible. Most times we time the results after we must have used traditional wood boring bits. We arrive at a rating that places the best on top of our list closely followed by other tools that achieved similar positive results.

We understand the fact that technicians, electricians, and other home improvement workers excel at what they do when they are equipped with excellent tools that get the job done in the shortest time possible.

We also carry out tests to see which hammer drills can quickly boreholes through layers of plywood. This helps us separate heavy-duty tools with sufficient torque form other smaller tools that can be optimized for smaller tasks.

Concrete Drillings

The major function of a hammer drill is to bore holes through concrete materials and surfaces. If a hammer drill fails in this basic function we red-flag tag it as a drill to avoid. Hammer drills are tested using chimney blocks with a reasonable level of hardness. This helps us identify the effectiveness of the drill system.

Buying Guide to the Best Cordless Hammer Drill

We do hope that our light review of the best cordless hammer drills gave you some insights to what you ought to be on the lookout for in terms of features and brands that deliver on quality. In this section, we will dive deeper into some of the aspects that make for a great cordless hammer drill.

It’s imperative that you read this buyer’s guide to the latter especially if you are new to the use of power tools. You will find a lot of nice general information that should make you take an informed purchasing decision. There are steps to follow in this guide to ensure you get the best value for your money while you get the model that suits your specific needs.

Torque and Speed

The feature of torque and speed work hand in hand to deliver the right results. This is why the cordless hammer drills we have reviewed are some of the quickest in the industry. A hammer drill with sufficient speed has the potential to deliver more power provided it is fitted with a sufficiently designed motor.

In terms of speed, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee have proven to be very consistent although their power tool models.


Impact per minute (IPM) is another aspect of a cordless drill that you must take into consideration especially if you need the power tool for concrete drills. The IPM determines the average number of times the impact mechanism pushes the bit against the material surface in a minute represented in tens of thousands.

This number (in tens of thousand) is very important for those who plan to remove lots of material from bricks or blocks.

Clutch Settings

The clutch is a part of the cordless hammer drill that makes it easy to use. All cordless hammer drills have a range of clutches that makes them easy to use. However, we found out that the best clutch settings are those that make use of metal built with hardened steel jaws for comfort.

Some Dewalt models make use of Rohm chucks at the handles of the drills and are quite convenient to use. Other models employ the use of refined drill clutch settings to develop finer controls.

Sometimes the only way to ensure that the entire power of the drill is transferred to the bit is with a chuck that grips the drill with enough forces so as to leave a mark on the steel.

Motor System

Like we have reiterated before, many cordless hammer drills now come with a brushless motor technology that provides better efficiency. Brushless motors consume less energy thereby increasing battery runtimes and they require less maintenance over time. This made possible because there are no brushes to maintain or replace.

To make a good pick, look to the brushless motors of our top hammer drills. However, be advised that they only represent a little part of the entire important picture. Other aspects of the drill like a good battery system and great build quality all combine to form an efficient tool that lasts a long time.


Ergonomics define how well or comfortable it is to handle. It plays a huge role in any tool you choose to use. A simple look at the cordless drills on display in online market places will reveal different handle shapes and design.

You will also find out that the pros and cons of each of these handle types vary as well. In choosing the right cordless drill to make sure you go for one that closely fits the size of your hand especially if you will be using the drill for long hours.

Take into consideration the weight, size and overall usability to correctly determine how ergonomic the power device is. If you fail at getting this right you will have to deal with the hassles that come with an unnecessarily heavy or cumbersome drill.

Lastly, if you are bothered about the weight of the cordless drill opt for one that skips the hammer function to settle for a regular cordless drill. This does come with a little compromise though.

Battery System

Batteries have also evolved from what they used to be in previous years. There are still hammer drills in stores today that work on Nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries. Although there is nothing wrong with using these batteries, better options are now available today.

The Li-ion or lithium-ion battery system is fast becoming the standard for most power tools and small device systems today. The reason why they have gathered so much popularity with manufacturers is the fact that they have a higher energy density than previous battery models. They can store more power in relatively the same weight as old NiCad batteries, or they can provide the same amount of runtime in smaller weights.

There is a good chance that if you buy your hammer drills from a respected brand, they will have a line of tools or models that make use of the same battery system. And since these battery systems are universally interchangeable within a line of tools there will be no need to purchase new batteries each time.

Variable Speed

Modern cordless drills will operate at variable speeds in line with the needs of the operator. The speed system is controlled by a variable speed trigger that allows users to adjust the torque power which evidently moderates the pressure.

This is an excellent feature to be on the lookout for if you use the cordless drill a lot. However, not all variable speeds in drills are created equal some have more speed settings and offer a lot of flexibility than others. If you are lucky to purchase a drill with numerous speed settings then you will experience the true versatility this feature offers.


This brings us to the end of the reviews of the best cordless hammer drills that you can use.

Which one of these drills is your preferred choice? Do let us know in the comments section.

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